Packaged delivery of cooling systems, with project designing:

  • supply of equipment;
  • installation of equipment;
  • automation of processes;
  • training of working personnel.
  1. Industrial ammonia cooling/refrigeration systems, for maintaining technological processes in production plants;
  2. Industrial cooling systems for fulfilling the needs of small and medium enterprises, which are operating in field of agriculture and commerce;
  3. Cooling equipment for skating rinks and arenas;
  4. Cooling equipment for iced water – to maintain technological processes in food processing plants.

Our engineers and specialists in the field of heat exchange have extensive practical experience in designing cooling systems and it is easy for us to design and install a cooling system for industrial or commercial application, depending on client's demands.

The company represents manufacturing firms that guarantee the quality of their products. All products are being made in full compliance with existing global standards as well as the standards of the European Union and their safety requirements. Only the best materials and the most advanced technologies are used for manufacturing those products. All manufacturers received ISO 9001 certificates, as approval that the plants have implemented quality control systems. All products have received extended warranties from their respective manufacturers.