We can offer: packaged supply of the plant with project designing:

  • supply of equipment;
  • installation of equipment;
  • automation of processes;
  • waste water treatment facilities (according to client's wish);
  • training of working personnel.

1. Bioethanol
Bioethanol is produced during processing of crops, to use it as a biofuel.

Main stages:

  • grains reception, storage and milling;
  • hydrolysis;
  • fermentation;
  • distilling and dehydration;
  • drying, palletizing and storage of DDGS (Dried Distillers Grains with Solubles);
  • storage and dispatching of production

Shema Zerno

2. Biodiesel
The base for making biodiesel fuel is chemical reaction of transesterefication of any seed (vegetable) oil or animal fat, in the presence of catalyst, into methanol esters of fat acids. Rapeseed oil and several other cultures are used as raw materials.

Shema Raps